Enlightment (for dummies)

A practical guide to spirituality

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As every mystic would tell you, joy must come from within not from circumstances or others. I agree. But here is the thing, im not a mystic... yet :)

Still, there is one thing I easily practice. My Thoughts form my emotions.
If I cannot think that someone is sweet and have nasty emotion about him or her, it makes sens that I cannot have pleasent thoughts and feel horrible.

So the question I get asked is, how do you have pleasent thoughts? I must confess, this question always blows my mind.
Should I conclude that most people's thoughts are a compulsive occurings outside under their control? You are the master of your body right? If you tell it to go right it goes right not left. So that is how it should also be with your mind.

If you could choose how to be, joyful or miserable what would you choose? Joyful of course, so if you are not, obviously, something else is choosing for you, you are in the passenger's seat, not the driver.

More practically explained, ... TODO